Does excess walking increase sugar levels

I was not having diabetes till Feb 2016, but when I came to USA IN MARCH,i observed higher levels.


I was prescribed DIAX OD For improvement of pancreas.

But no improvement observed.

The FBS level is 176 for last one month.

I walking 5 km in the evening and 3 km in the morning.

Is it due to excessive walking in the evening,the FBS level is increased.

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  • No, your metabolism is broken to a greater or lesser extent. Your diet is at fault and needs to be corrected.

  • No amount of walking and drugs can cover a bad diet. Ultimately, if diet doesn't change drugs will and finally land you up with insulin injections. Additional drugs for LIPIDS and hypertension will also finds it way.

    I don't walk at all and still sixth year drug free diabetic. But, i live by LCHF diet (call it lifestyle)

  • There is an awful lot of hidden sugar in all processed food, and it seems to be much worse in the US than in England. Maybe you need to assess what you are buying and check out the ingredients, making sure that you are not eating things that you think are sugar free but it turns out have a lot of sugar added in the manufacturing process. Good luck.

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