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hi guys

hi guys

hi there guys im new to this so hi to everyone.im not sure wht im meant to be typing here .im about 2 stones overweight maybe just under i eat alot of junk bordom really.1m about 11 and a half stone and 5ft 6 inchs.i have a few health issues im having problems with my heart racing ive had alot of tests done and all clear but its still happening all the same i really want to loose weight im a vegterian and not sure wht to eat and how often i also want to excersize to burn more off but having the racey heart not sure wht excersizes i can do and how often that wont affect this.plse can any one help with any info on this pklse.many thks rachel this is an old pic and want to get bk down to this size many thks rachel

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hi, stay away from the junk food you will definitely see a drop in weight, and try to keep active doesn't have to be high paced just go for a walk,, its took me about 3 month to lose 2 stone still need to lose more though


Commit to LCHF, couple that with intermittent fasting and you'll get your mojo (and figure) back.

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Hi and welcome Rachel :)

I'm sorry, I missed your post until now! :o

Anup has given you the link to my weight loss thread. People come and go, but I'm still here! :)

I'm not a vegetarian, but there are heaps of recipes and ideas online for you. I can certainly vouch for the LCHF way of life, I've lost 76lbs in 8.5 months! :)

Wishing you all the best :)


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