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New member trying to shift the weight!

Firstly, hello everyone! I'm Sarah, 30 years old n 2 kids. One is nearly 3, the other was born Christmas day, so nearly 4 months old. I seem to be stuck, like really stuck! I'm 12 stone and I do The Charlotte Crosby belly blitz DVD every night. I also enjoy the slimming world dinners. I eat a bowl of fruit in the morning as a breakfast with a pot of low fat yoghurt and I cannot shift it at all. Its like the scales are stuck. No matter what I do, I neither gain or lose even a pound. Very frustrating as I'm hoping to get back down to around 9 stone. Its only been 2 weeks and I do admit to being inpatient, but I expected at least a pound of difference. I do feel a lot better for the dvd I must admit. As, I'm not fond of working out. But needs must any tips or tricks? Am I doing it wrong? Tia

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Where do we begin? Lean protein and low-fat food versions are not usually desirable for low carbohydrate because too much lean protein can make us sick, and natural fat is necessary to provide some energy (with vitamins and minerals) that is no longer available from carbs.

Most food contains some carbohydrate, follow this link diabetes.org.uk/documents/c...

You can see from this that a bowl of fruit is unlikely to be low in carbohydrate. Ultimately it wouldn't matter how active you are if you continue to take in too much food that puts your body into fat storage mode, you will find it difficult to use your body-fat for fuel.

Yoghurt, even though it is low Gi, can still spike insulin. This is the hormone we need to keep low to enable fat burning. Baked beans are another low Gi offender. These are unusual anomalies as it is high Gi foods that are noted for spiking insulin glycemicindex.com

Fructose (a sugar in most fruit and half of table sugar) is a problem in itself, thickening blood, causing fatty liver, visceral fat and insulin-resistance.

Essentially, reduce portions of peas, beans, lentils, grains, cereals, fruit, root vegetables and tubers; have a little natural fat such as avocado, nuts, olive oil, whole-fat dairy and animal fats (beef dripping, lard, duck fat and so on) instead.


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