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Nephrosave Tablet

I am Type II Diabetic patient, 67 years in age weighing 72 Kg. My sugar is controlled Fasting 104, PP 146 with medicines. My cretinine is 1.9, BUN 36.1, serum urea 77. HbA1c 5.6 %, HB66 12.5, Potassium 6.5, BP 130/80, Serum Uric acid: 6.6, Sodium: 138, Serum calcium: 8.4.

The report on Urine examination indicates as under:

Colour: Pale Yellow, Transparency: Slightly Turboid, Specific Gravity: 1.020, PH: 6.0, Protein: Trace, Glucose: Nil, Nitrite: Nil, Ketone: Nil, Urobilinogen: Normal, Bilirubin: Nil, Pus cells: 0-1/HPF, RBC's: Nil, Casts: Nil, Crystals: Nil, Bacteria: Nil, Epithelial Cells: 0-1/HPF, Others: Nil

I am taking Januvia 50 mg, Amaryl 2 mg, Telma 80, Amlong 2.5 mg, Aten 25 mg Fefol Z, Diavit, Shelcal CT-NA

Recently Doctor has suggested Nephrosave Tab two times a day.

I have following 2 questions to ask:

1. Is Nephrosave required for me and is it safe medicine?

2. What dietry precautions I should take for taking care of my kidney.