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Yellowing around eyes and mouth in photos

Hello there, has anyone with ITP noticed in photos they get yellowing around the eyes or mouth when their count is low? Its been a while since I have been tested and I noticed recently this yellowing but not on the whites of the eyes or any other symptoms apart from being very tired all the time. Any replies would be welcome before I go seeking advice from the doctor. Thanks in advance.

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My eye lids have been swelled for 7 years since I started to use prednizolon because of ITP. maybe sometimes there is yellowing around the eyes.


Hello, I am new to this page and hence just saw your post. Just wondered how you got along with ITP and the yellowness around the eyes. Did dr suggest it could have anything to do with bilirubin levels? I dont know a lot about this, but I know that bilirubin levels may be related to liver function, and alternative medicine suggests that liver detox capabilities are quite important whenever there is autoimmune disease present (well, just generally liver detox ability is very important). So maybe when your body is producing these antibodies against your platelets, the liver is also at its weakest in terms of doing its job?


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