i had ITP when i was 14. I am now 44. Has anyone ever had it recur so many years later or am I worrying for nothing?

i had ITP when i was 14. It was really bad and booked in to have spleen removed but count started to increase and op not done. My recover after transfusions and steroids took over a year. I am now 44 and have had no problems since 14 but am bruising in unusual places as happened at 14. Has anyone ever had it recur so many years later or am I worrying for nothing?

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  • iTP can indeed recur at any time. Many people go into remission for long periods and suddenly relapse so the best advice barker is to go and get checked out. As you will already know a blood test is the only way to check the platelet count and then if it has fallen below 20, then it could well be the reason for strange, spontaneous bruising. Have you had any other symptoms like nose bleeds, gum bleeds, tiredness, headaches, blood in the stools or urine? Either way the best advice is to go to the hospital for a blood test and explain that you had ITP in the past and are concerned it may have returned. Best of luck and do let us know how you get on.

  • Hi barker. My remission only lasted two and a half years and my count went to zero. Since then I have been in and out of hospital on a weeklybasis trying to find out what can be done to stabilise my condition. I think you are lucky to have been symptom free for so long. As Anthony says you need to go in and have a blood test done to check your count. There are so many other treatments out there since you were diagnosed with the condition at 14 that you may find a treatment very quickly that suits you.

  • My remission lasted nine years and then it came back about half a year ago. So - yes, it happens... Better to go and get checked as everyone advised above. I hope it's not back but if it is you'll indeed be surprised how many treatments are available these days. So do not worry

  • I had my spleen out when i was eight and have been in remission ever since, that was 31 years ago, i have only just found this group and find it very interesting, does anyone know if it can come back even if you have had your spleen out ?

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