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Regular followers of this forum will no doubt have seen that I have previously published details of research which was funded by the ITP Support Association into ITP and fatigue. However I make no apology for issuing the links again to the articles which summarise the conclusion of the research as many new followers of this forum will probably not have seen it.

The links are......


For ITP sufferers this is a major break through as although we had forever complained to doctors and specialists that fatigue/tiredness was a symptom of our ITP, it was never recognised or acknowledged. This research backs up the evidence that us ITP sufferers were

providing all the long and it is very useful to be able to draw attention to it when discussing our individual cases with our doctors/specialists.

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I shall be using this when I next see my Haematologist as she says ITP & Fatigue are not linked - Thank you xx


I forwarded the links to my Hematology Physician Assistant. She thanked me and said she was passing it on to all the Hematology physicians. Like most doctors, she had insisted that my fatigue had nothing to do with low platelet counts in ITP. Thank you for this information!


I am confused by the web-site - am I able to download this article - if so how please?

I too have the same argument with my Hematologist about fatigue. I have told her this and aching joints and limbs is for me is the worst symptom of ITP - bruising I can easily put up with. She did make the point that fatigue could be a side effect of the Nplate I am taking.


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