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Lack of sleep/stress cause of temporary drop?


Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has linked lack of sleep/ stress to a temporary platelet drop?

I have had low platelet count for 11 years now, though thankfully they have never been low enough to need treatment, just monitoring.

Lately, I would usually have a count if 70-80. I’ve just had a test this week and my count is at 39. Still nowhere near critical but I usually have a checkup once per year, now I’m down for weekly/monthly checking.

This has happened twice before when I’ve had an intense couple of days with very little sleep prior to testing. Usually the low count is a blip and eventually evens out.

This is the third time this has happened and I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed a drop under similar conditions?



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There is a theory that stress both mental and physical can cause symptoms, but none that the medical profession will take on board, saying that reducing stress would be good for all of us

Yes increased stress,illness and depression will drop my platelets by 20-30 thousand and generally takes several week to return to baseline. I have been weekly Nplate injections since 2010.

It has been a difficult year, my childhood friend died last Christmas dropping my platelets from 46K to 10K over 5 days, you are not the only one. Learn to manage your stress level, I have been unable to manage my stress without medications which have negative effects on platelets. Be well:)

Yes I believe so, bcos I checked when I rested enough, my platelet count was 60k plus, when I travelled and tired the next day I checked bcom single digit 😅 I wish my body could speak so we could have better communication sometimes 🙈

I find illness can make my count a lot higher OR a lot lower!I think if my platlet count is higher, my immune system is away fighting the real enemy, the illness.

I think if my platlet count is lower then my immune system is going for an all out blitz because of the illness and destroying both the illness and the platelets

PS. I’d be rite happy if I clocked up a platelet count of 39, mine is normally 20s to early 30s at the moment but 7 is not unusual!

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