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Sky Diving


Had anyone with ITP done Sky diving ?

I was wondering if there’s any repercussions to this ?

I’ve done hang gliding before and climbed mountains (under 3000m) , but during these times my platelet counts were consistent and I was fairly active (post relapse in 2012 after 5 years) . Now Since last July I’ve been having heavy periods and my platelet count is up and down and I’m planning to go sky diving In dubai ?

Thank you in advance for your advices.

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All I can tell you is that sky diving is THE ONE activity my haematologist told me not to do.


If you're confident that you won't hurt yourself then go do it. I see no more risk in skydiving than other contact sports. Lots of people with serious illnesses run marathons, climb Everest, skydive, etc.

Live your life.

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