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Hospital or not?


I’ve had a fever for the last 3 days and my doctor was suspecting dengue as the cause. A blood test was negativ on the dengue but my count was at 84000 and they said I urgently HAVE to go to the hospital. I’m feeling fairly okay and the fever is getting better too, so far there has been no bleeding nor any bruises.

Personally I don’t see the need and would just rest for a few days + try to drink some papaya leaf tea.

Does anyone have some experience about this?


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Hi Thomas91,

84,000 is a decent, if not normal, platelet count. If this is your first low platelet count though, doctors do tend to whisk you in. Don't be alarmed. Ask lots of questions. And keep your alternative medicine interest, because my experience is that medicine does not always work either!



84 k is just fine..

just becoz u had fever it came down

have healthy food and go for check up when fever subsides..

good health to u

take care.


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