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ITP and leg issues


My son developed ITP almost 2 years ago. His first symptoms were a rash, sores in the mouth with bleeding and his legs and feet were badly discolored and painful. He had numerous infusions and spent over a year on steroids. He is now in remission but his legs are discolored again and very painful. Drs can’t seem to find anything causes the problem. Has anyone else ever had this issue

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Haeamatologists won't know anything about the painful and discoloured legs as it's not connected to ITP. See your GP and start again looking it into it.

I have brown spots on my arms neck torso multiplying I have no clue about these my replies on this forum will help

Hi crest view, how old is your son? My son is 7 and has had itp for 2 yrs too. It is funny you mention this. When my sons platelets are low low he says his legs are sore and painful when he runs. My son has only had a course of steroids about 1 year ago that lasted 4 days and afterwards he complained about all of his bones being sore. Possibly your son has the after affects of being on steroids for so long as haematologist says steroids can leave children with sore joints.. Sorry I can't be of more help.. I am always looking for a way to help my son☹️☹️

Similar from here. ITP patient from Nov 2015 to present. I am now in Nplate (Romiplastin) for a year now (after negative response from other meds eg IV IG, Retuximab ) and seems compatible with my body (more than 50). About less than a year until now, i developed leg pain and cannot walk for more than 30 steps with discoloration of the feet. Per my Vascular doc, i developed PAD (peripheral arterial disease). In layman, clotting in the arteries (lower body including legs) as resulted by irregular blood flow and lack of oxygen) due to ITP. Advise ... walk walk walk (though really painful) so that blood to circulate more. Prayers for u and son.

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