104 to 141

I went on vacation to Bali recently. My platelets when I left were 104. One of the breakfast options in Bali was "Papaya Juice" which is really a Papaya smoothie which I had daily for 2 weeks. I tested my platelets when I got back and they were up to 141.

Other things I did different on vacation included eating more fish and adding a supplement that is basically broccoli seed sprout extract (anti cancer).

I can not say for sure it was the papaya since there are other variables, but I am trying to eat papaya more or less daily and also adding papaya leaf tea. Broccoli sprouts are now at my local whole foods, so I am eating those (1 ounce) a couple times a week.

Next blood test in 3 months.

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  • Hey!

    The papaya thing could be part of it, lots on here seem to believe it works, so may be.

    It could be that you've been relaxed n destressing, you were on vacation where you are doing things you enjoy and not pushing yourself mentally or physically (I guess!)

    I really do think stress is a major factor in my ITP.

    Hope your counts stay up.

  • thanks for your well wishes. Totally with you on benefits of vacation!

  • Did you drink any alcohol or coffee?

  • I drank a total of about 4 beers and one sake during the 4 weeks I was on vacation. This is fairly typical for the rest of my life

    I drank coffee or espresso daily, often 2-4 cups a day. This was probably more then usual for me, usually one or maybe 2 cups a day.

  • Hi I have also read that Papaya helps. I have been trying to get papaya leaf tea, but so far I cant seem to find it in the health food shop! Where did you purchase the tea? Regards Jan

  • Hi Jan,

    Try searching for Starwest Botanicals Organic Papaya Leaf on amazon. I got a 1 pound bag for about $20. Much more economical then buying tea bags. A pound will last a really long time. This is how I use it: I am not saying this is the right way, we are all learning trial and error. I take 4 heaping tablespoons and put them in a large French press. I add a tablespoon each of Nettle Leaf and Wild Oat Straw (Avena Sativa). The other two herbs are not for platelets in specific, but general health. I add boiling water let the concoction steep overnight to get all the goodness out. Then I pour this off as a concentrate to keep in the 'fridge. I will drink about 1/4 of it first "non water" thing in my mouth in the morning. Since it is a concentrate I add hot water. I also do TRE (Time restricted eating) so this is about 8:30 or 9 AM. Next lab results are in December. I will give an update then. Good luck!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for your reply I will try to get some,and see how it works. Its all worth a try as my platelets are really low , about 3 to 7. I am going to try to get some fresh Papaya,see if that makes any difference. I have also read that the gluten in wheat is also not very good for you. So may try to cut down on bread,and other gluten, which is in quite a lot of food. Thanks for replying regards Jan

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