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My platelets have hovered for 12 months or so between 20 /40 not concerned only numbers two weeks I had a viral infection when I had my bloods last week 32 today 89 woop woop my consultant on the other hand looked bemused" what has changed" he asked his face was a picture was due to start medication it has been postponed my next hospital appointment now is in 4 weeks ITP is such a strange illness wiped out from a viral infection platelets up wiped out from ITP platelets down very confused :/ I have to laugh if nothing else : ) once again thoughts please .

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  • My hemotologist says it is because the body is fighting back so releases more platelets, it wont last though.

  • Hi Morgan ,

    I am laughing " it wont last though" made my day thank you for enlightenment .

  • Mine increase when I have antibiotics or a virus. Go figure!!

  • Hi I am the same my blood hovers around 40 I have a viral infection so it's 60 today. If my arms and legs aches it seems to go up as well. ITP is very strange

  • Hello Lynwoodley itp is very strange and the aches and pains that come with it never go away or the fatigue .

  • Mine drop when I have a virus but go up when I have an infection.

  • So Janran I must have an infection very confusing itp thanks for the reply.

  • You never can tell with ITP!! My haematologist says most of his patients report a drop in platelets with infection or virus x mine crashes to single figures with a virus but definitely seems to go up a little when I've had an infection. I don't have any treatment until my count goes under 20 and avoid people with viruses if at all possible.

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