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how to live with ITP

my wife 37 yrs we have 2 cute kids she diagnose itp an year ago lots of cries worriedness prayers lots of steriods other medication but all invain now since last 4 months we leave all the medication the count in last test 2 months ago was 20 she had bruices on her body since last month anyone with cronic itp how to live with this how to increase platelets what to do pls help out.

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I'm 40 and I was diagnosed a year ago and I also have a young child 4 yrs old. I was stricken with worry as my platelets were ranging 20-30 last year. I decided to take a route naturally to see if it would help. Since having my child I was quite stressed from work. Eating lots of processed food and takeout. Not sure if this caused the ITP and inflammation in my body. I was prescribed 30mg Prednisone and platelets were up 110. Hema tapered down with me every 2-3 weeks. Between Nov last year to now I changed my diet. Limited processed foods, lots of leafy greens every day, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, carrot juice, green juices, and lean protein, gluten free if possible. After 6-8 months my body seems to be responding well since I have made the diet change. I'm down to 5mg Prednisone and my platelets are at the normal range now. In between my pred when I was at 8mg my platelets were at 60. Now even at 5 mg my platelets are in the +150 range. Lots of patience as the body takes time to heal naturally. The body is fighting an inflammation right now including killing your platelets. Something that takes time to heal. Talk to your hemo and see if your wife needs to take meds while you try to heal naturally. If no symptoms then shouldn't have to worry except for doing any thing too active. Having young children with ITP is challenging but moms are strong. I strongly believe what you eat impacts your health immensely. Good luck !!

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What about platelets transfusions it worked for me so far.


Has your Dr tried Rituxan? it worked for me plus the steroids.


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