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24 years in remission

I had my spleen out 24 years ago due to ITP. I went into remission and have had no problems until this year. My plattlets have dropped, I did 4 weeks of ratuxan drip but that didn't work. Now I am going for an ultra sound to see if perhaps my spleen grew back.

I had no idea how lucky I was for all those years of remission. Now I am showing signs of ITP that I never had before.

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I had almost 8 years of remission after my splenectomy in 2004 with counts 60-100. Then ITP came back with a vengeance, hospitalized with count of 11 due to a stomach flu. It's been a roller coaster ever since, with every possible treatment, most not working. Am now on Nplate every week, which keeps me usually 30-50. However, every virus or bacterial illness plummets the platelets and I'm often back in the hospital. Treated there with platelet transfusions and dexamethasone.

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