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Symptomatic, Undiagnosed, Waiting

I'm new here.... My mother was diagnosed with ITP years ago and since I turned about seventeen I began surfacing symptoms my mom experienced when beginning her ITP journey (fatigue, pinprick bruising, heavy menstrual bleeding). I'm now 21 and symptoms have gottten severely worse. With added depression, heart palpitations, anxiety, extreme fatigue, and frequent, light headedness, and nausea. I recently got my first CBC which showed my platelet count was below normal range and my MPV and RDW was above normal range.

Concerned, my doctor made me an appointment with the hematologist. But the hematologist seemed to have no concern at all. Pacifying me, saying, "we'll keep an eye on it to see if it progresses. See you in three months."

Still, this does not help my symptoms which I am suffering from so greatly:/ I'm stuck waiting until my platelets get low enough to cause alarm. Has anyone else dealt with this problem? Any advice for dealing with symptoms?

Thank you in advance:)

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first of all you didnt mentioned your platelets count as per your and doctor's discussion it seems your count is minor less then normal that is not a worried thing but the symptoms you should also consult with medicine specialist if you are not satisfied with hemo. doctor

take vitamin c tablets 500mg / day

take some multi vitamin and folic acid, sangobian take fresh juicess specially add carrot and orange

you will feel better


With your symptoms I would get a second opinion. I had heavy menstrual cycle for about 5 months. Then what made me go to dr is when the red pinpoint dots and bruising showed up. My platelet count was 2,000. I had never heard of ITP. I was referred to hematologist who diagnosed me.


Hi, kyriak51 here, I was diagnosed with ITP in early 90's. I'm Currently on Nplate weekly injections to maintain platelet count of 50k-80k which works well for me since 2010. I'm at the clinic to receive my Nplate, I would like contact you again when I get home, if that's okay you:)


Hi acaciasyoung, what was your platelet and hemoglobin count? Have you been diagnosed with ITP? You're a young girl who should not be having fatigue, palpitations or brushing and I can't believe a hematologist would dismiss your symptoms especially with your mom's history. There are many sites available which provide accurate medical information, I like mayoclinic.org check it out. I've been copying wit ITP since 1990's, let me know if there's anything I can do to help.kyriak51:)


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