Any suggestions for treating Bruises?

Hi All,

My count is mostly between 10k-15k so i likely to develop big bruises and as you all know it takes 20 to 25 days to go off. Revolade works for me sometimes but can't take it on daily basis as its costly and am scared if i become resistant to Revolade too. So my question is, is there anyway to get rid of Bruises little faster other than increasing counts? When i get on Arms and lower legs, sometimes its difficult to explain everyone around the cause being woman in 25 30's . :(

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  • Some say Arnica cream. I don't know personally. I have 'shadows' of bruises from last summer. Especially the big ones. Why explain further than saying you have a bleeding disorder? Print out info on ITP and hand that out when someone asks. Good luck :)

  • I have tried Arnica gel, but it doesnt make it any better. I mean doesn't speed up healing process. As this ITP is not known much among people, they hardly understand what we explain! Thanks. :)

  • Depending on my mood, I will tell someone that asks that I fight ninjas at night, then go my way :) Amuses me, if nothing else :D

  • Hi There. Not any different for a man. I always look on the humour side and say my wife has been beating me again. Now of course our friends say she has been at you again. It is awful and you have sound advice from others, but keep smiling and make light of it. I found with a steady count for over 10 years around the 10 mark ±, THE BRUISES BECAME LESS FREQUENT unless I had a real bang. Just recently my count has increased to 60+ and I am bruising again. Goodness knows why, but that is ITP. Good luck and keep smiling.

  • Thanks for the humorous option. I will try it too, just my husband shouldn't get offended. :D :) I am not getting my counts checked up at all, I just believe, if I am bruising, count must be below 20k. And what I notice is, it's kind of cycle. I will bruise heavily for a week then 15 days followed by that it slowly reduces and the 4th week I will be better without bruises then next week again it starts and the process continues. And eating more sweets and hot items makes them worst.

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