Aloe Vera Juice

Hi - has anyone had any significant changes in their platelet count since taking aloe Vera juice. I am on the trial drug fostaminib and my levels have been between 40 and 55 - I started taking aloe Vera juice 10 days ago and my levels were up to 75 yesterday - not a massive jump I know but they have never been this high before so wondering if it was just a coincidence or if the Aloe is doing something! Thanks

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  • Aloe Vera and wheat grass are very beneficial.All the best.

  • are you making yourself aloe vera juice or you buy from the store?

  • Hi I have been taking Aloe Vera tablets for about 4 months my count went up from 52 to 106 but last month it has gone down again to 62 having another blood test next week so not sure what count is at the moment

  • Did doctor prescribed for you or you just tried? I am so much interested now to try but any side effects?

  • Hi No I heard it was good for my body so I took it but I asked my consultant if it was ok to take first I also take a multi vitamin, omega 5 fish oils, folic acid and papaya tablets my consultant said for me it was ok to take them all but you should ask your own consultant first as I have not taken any medication yet

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