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Unable to find way with ITP


This is aravind from hyderabad. My wife is suffering seriously with low platelets which caused due to ITP 5 years back .The last count is 20000 and suffering with mild head ache and weakness.Already she got platelets transmission for two times from the last two years. At present she is using drug of whisolin 20 Mg suggested by Hematologist doctor.Could anybody suggest for best treatment?

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Hi Aravind, I too have ITP. Steroids will only increase the platelet as long as we take it. Once it is tapered, platelets drop. I am now taking CARIPILL tablets twice a day. After reading that this tablet normalises platelets in people with dengue, I started taking them. No doctor will prescribe it for ITP. My count is now between 60 and 70 k. Though I do feel tired still, I am much better now. I used to have purpura, and internal bleeding, along with gum bleeding. Now I have gum bleeding on some days. But no purpura, no internal bleeding. I tried papaya leaf juice, but had stomach irritation. I take no other meds. I take vit c, vit B, regularly. If my haemoglobin reduces to 8, or below, i take iron tablets for 3 months.

Platelet transfusion will not help, as in ITP, the bone marrow produces enough platelets but once it enters the blood stream the immune system destroys it, thinking it to be bad for the body. There is no cure for ITP. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables helps. Beet juice ( raw) also helps. Should take lot of green leafy vegetables.

Hope this helps your wife.


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