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i have had my second IVIG INFUSION. after the first one i felt very tired and thought I would just go to sleep for a while. However I felt bad for several days after. They told me at the hospital that this was just coincidental. Now I had the second infusion and I felt even worse. Initially very tired and then my blood pressure dropped and stayed low for more than a day. I felt dizzy, nauseated and extremely tired. Has anyone else had this experience?

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There are several brands of IVIG made by different companies.

It is well known that different brands have different effects on patients.

Request a different IVIG supplier.



My experience of ivig (now treated with Anti-D) was similar but not so severe. I was prescribed paracetamol for the headaches it caused and it gave me flu like symptoms.

I agree that there are different brands which may be easier on the system.


Hi mary-reimer. Sorry to read your problems. You have had good advice with the two other replies. Everybody reacts differently to this and I suspect every other drug. When I was being infused on a weekly basis, I had headaches and felt tired. This you have to live with although the speed of the infusion can be slowed which may help. You can also have an injection of Peritone which may help. I had Ivig for 10 years and then it was stopped and for the last 10 years, only have medication when needed, even though my count is around 10. Speak to your consultant. If you are not a bleeder and your count is stable, you may be able to live a normal life with a low platelet count as I do, but respecting a life change if you partake of dangerous persuits.

Hope this is helpful


I had a very bad reaction to IVIG and got a retinal bleed and meningitis so having side effects is not unheard of.


Hi, I had terrific headaches and flu like symptoms after I had one some years ago, Aseptic meningitis it was called, so they are reluctant to give it again although it sent my platelets up to normal. I was rough for about a week after. I only had the IVIG for a minor op so hopefully will have no need of it again. My platelets were about 52 in January , I don't bruise much but am currently sporting a leg full of bruises after a fall which seem to be healing ok. Hope you are better soon


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