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Hi, I am Krishna

I live in kolkata. I am suffering with ITP from i was 13 , now i am about 55. In 2011 it relapse again and my platelet count was about 25k. I was treated with steroid and got a stable condition of 75k. but now i have about 1lakh 75k but i am having gum bleeding continuously and soft tissues blasting effects on my skin. When ever I start my steroid medicine it starts to disappear slowly and bleeding becomes less. why is so i don't understand where i hard that the bleeding effect starts when the platelet goes bellow 30k. please any one help me by giving the possible reason.

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ITP is such a mysterious disease! Sometimes I have no symptoms at 25k but bruising, gum bleeds and nosebleeds at 45k. Last year I felt fine, no symptoms, until a nosebleed that wouldn't quit, and found that my count was 10k. Steroids can also change the way your body reacts to low platelets. Good luck to you, and hope you feel better!


Thank you For your sharing.


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