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IPT and Pregnant

Hello, I am new to this site and wondered if anyone can answer my questions.

My 35 yr old daughter has ulcerative colitis which is currently active and she is 34 weeks pregnant.

A month ago she went to the emergency with severe cramping and it was discovered that her platlets were at 9. She was given transfusions and 3 days of steroids.

Three weeks later here platlets dropped to 121 and 2 days later they were 81.

5 days later they were 47 and she was sent home without any treatment.

She is bleeding quite severely from the colitis.

how low can her platelets go before causing damage to her body or to the baby?

What are the symptoms she should be watching or?

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I am 69 and my platelets have been as low as 3. I have taken steroids and several ivig courses which was not successful in raising my platelet count for more than a few days. I then spent 4 weeks taking retuximab and am still waiting for a sign that this treatment has been successful. My consultant has said that if my platelet count falls below 10 then I will have 2 further courses of ivig. There are further options in treatment that are possible. I suggest you contact a haematology consultant who will endevour to solve your problem.


Hello, I have two healthy children and I had ITP during both pregnancies. My first pregnancy they thought I had ITP DUE to pregnancy, and platelet count in the region of 80, they checked me often but did nothing which was fine with me, when I went in to labour I had a platelet count of about ten and basically they all crossed their fingers and let me deliver naturally, but I think there were lots of hushed planning conversations going on in the corridor so as not to scare me, I did have two scrubbed up, masks on, Dr ready to deal with me and two similar Drs and an incubator for the baby in the room at the end of the delivery ! But it went well and baby was fine and they melted away very quickly.

The haematologists made it clear that their preferred option was for me not to get pregnant again but when I decided to do it again all the medical staff were very supportive and I was scanned once a month to keep an eye on baby 2 but again I didn't need any intervention during the pregnancy. This time they had more prep time and were ready when baby 2 decided to turn round into the breach position. I was given Iv treatments for three days prior to a C section and platelet transfusion on the day, I did have to stay in the High dependency unit for a couple of days instead of a couple of hours, just for them to be happy that there was no bleeding going on, but I was still discharged from the C Section inside 5 days.

Be strong, listen to the Drs, query anything that doesn't 'feel' right, make sure every time you talk to a Dr they know the situation ( Baby Drs don't know everything about Haematology and vice versa: don't be afraid to tell them to 'read my notes that's what they are there for' !!!! )

And I am sure everything will work out.


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