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Low platelets, IGG, IGA,IGM? and Lymphocytopenia

Hi , So i went to the doctor at first due to the bruising on my legs and found out that i had low platelets (47) who referred me to a haematologist who did further tests and found that I had a low CD4 count of (67) , he then made sure I was HIV negative but found that other lymphocytes such as NK,T cells were all too low. There was no sign of infections or bacterial , viral infections and did a ultrasound to check my spleen as well as rheumatic factors. My doctor concluded so far that I have a cellular immune deficiency but the cause is unknown. He wants to do a bone marrow test soon after another round of blood tests.

I am very confused to what's going on - I do have a history of infections such as Kidney and bladder infection and gum infections and bleeding.

Does anyone else have similar problems? Any ideas, tips, suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you

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I have been diagnosed with itp and am in the middle of treatment for this. I would suggest you ask to be referred to a heamatology specialist. In addition I have taken out membership for a year in a USA organisation called pdsa (nothing to do with sick animals) which stands for platelet disorder support association. For a modest fee of around £15 I have received a cd and full information of the disorder. In addition they have a medical team who will reply to questions you put forward. At present I have had a full course of steroids (prednisnolone) which has been of no use and I am now in the middle of another alternative treatment. There is a way forward,be proactive. I wish you the very best of good fortune.


Another thought the pdsa have a web site on facebook also.


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