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Hi i have been diagnosed itp 6 yera back nd i am 23 yr old. I have been underfone spleenectomy, steroid, azathioprine and now i am on dapson

My count swings from 7000 to 100000 on the same treatment. I have problem of easy bruising and purpura. Can anyone let me know permanent treatment of itp or any ayurvedic medication??? I m being frustrated now with this disorder

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Hi, I would advise to take second opinion of an ITP specialist if you don't have one yet. MMF could be another option, as well as rituximab and N-plate. There are quite a few lines of treatments you didn't seem to have tried yet, so plenty of chances to get stable counts!


Unfortunately you have to keep trying different medication to find one that your body reacts well too. I'm lucky my ITP is steroid responsive, a short sharp shock usually sends my blood count back up. Others have to try other methods. Try and be patient and keep seeing the consultants, try not to stress, I found this used to affect my count too. I was told once that liquorice is a natural steroid, I am not a fan of it but I found it in a health shop in a small bar form. I dissolved it in warm water and drank it now and then. It may help but I didn't see miraculous results, but it might work for someone else.



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