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Grandson question

Last summer my 15 year old grandson developed blood lumps/bruising/pecaites (sp) while playing volleyball. We took him to ER. They did blood work. Platelet count less than one. He was confined to hospital bed and given treatment (not sure which one). After a few days his count went up enough to leave hospital. Count was monitored daily for awhile. It never climbed up to normal but it did get to about 69 I think. It then dropped again and he was given another treatment. This time his count climbed to well within normal range - 225+. We've continued to monitor (not as frequently) and count has remained in normal range since (8 months). My concern is that he has nose bleeds periodically and even bleeds out of his gums. Monday at school he had 3 bleeds (including from his gums) where he had to leave class. They eventually stop on their own but this doesn't seem normal. We checked his count the next day and it was 261,000. Anybody have any idea what's going on? Should we be concerned? Thanks.

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You might want to ask doctor if they will do a platelet function test (PFA) or platelet aggregation test. It could be the platelets are not functioning correctly.


Thank you. I've never heard of the PFA. Sounds promising though. We'll check it out.


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