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I know this is not the most attractive photo, but I was so happy to have those balloon packings placed to stop the horrific bleeding, at this point in my disease, this is what I would like to have fresh in my mind. I have a great hope for a remission, and for a long and healthy and ofcourse, a closely monitored life! I am thankful and grateful, and open to any help or suggestions, especially when it comes to diet, exercise, and self help!!

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Hi Gypsynurse. Like the photo.

Had a similar experience of a bad nose bleed lasted 16 hours before it stopped and then only after a bag of platelets and IVIG. I was in hospital and there was blood everywhere. However, touch wood, since then I have had nothing like that and have lived a near normal life with no medication and a count around 10, so it can be done. Still bruise and have had some horrendous bruises after falls or bangs but hey ho.

Let us hope your ITP will go as quickly as it came, but if not, do not let it get you down. You will see there are many of us who live normal lives with it and being a nurse, I am sure you will have a positive outlook. Good luck and get off those steroids as soon as possible. I hated them and they did nothing for me. Good luck, join the ITP support association ( its free) and keep us posted.


Hi Gypsynurse Welcome to the world of ITP where you can live from day to day or like Sailor have a "normal" life. I used to go to hospital three or four times a week for over 18 months. With my seventh different drug we seemed to have found something that works for me - well, for the time being anyway - fingers crossed. Let us hope you find what works for you. I got a lot of reassurance from this site and I hope I can give some to you. Diet and exercise will make you feel better even if it does not impact on the ITP . Take care. NickyD


NickyD' did U say u don't have your spleen?


Sailor and NickyD, thank you for the advice, and for the encouraging words, they are truly appreciated, it is hard to stay positive when you dont know what is coming. but i will keep up my research, and try anything feasible that might work!!


I spent years trying natural treatments to no avail. In Malaysia I have access to lots of chinese medicine options...

I only fully understood the seriousness of my situation when I got my stroke.

Enjoy these pictures!!

Prednisolone and azathioprene are the stuff keeping me alive now. Chinese medicine is very good to offset the side effects of these otherwise nasty drugs.


By the way. I did recover 110% from the stroke...


thank you for the insight


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