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Heartaches and Miracles

Heartaches and Miracles

Whilst the ITP Support Association is not in a position to recommend or plug specific books or products, I just wanted to give a mention personally to Heartaches and Miracles by Greta Burroughs. This is a book which tells the story of what it is really like to live day to day with ITP. Greta reveals the good, the bad and the ugly. To get a copy of the book it is available in the UK on Amazon as a Kindle eBook for £1.88 at You can also see my own personal review of Heartaches and Miracles on Amazon.To get the paperback version of the book visit Greta`s publishers at and they will ship to the UK at the cheapest rate. Greta is also a regular contributor to this forum and our Facebook group and has contributed many articles on ITP to local newspapers, and magazines to raise ITP awareness.

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Thank you Anthony. I wrote H&M to give encouragement to fellow ITPers and to inform the rest of the world of our disease.

ITP cannot be cured but it doesn't have to run our lives!!!


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