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Do you have any ideas or tricks for escaping from nasty thoughts and memories?

I've tried remembering pleasant things, but that doesn't work very well for me. I've tried imagining myself in a beautiful place, but that gets boring after a while.

What really works is imagining winning the lottery, and how much I could give to each member of the family, and how it would solve their .problems. And what I would do with whats left over....

What works for you?

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Sertraline. I succumbed eventually but this medication is good for PTSD, anxiety and depression and I subscribe! I now cannot easily recall or retain the intrusive thoughts and it worked for me within a week of taking it. Tried other therapies and they weren't for me. Good luck in finding the right help for you.


Hi patchworker,

I've found it's my rekindled love of photography that works for me, I'm lucky I live next to a wetlands nature reserve where I walk my dog and take my camera to escape to the peace and tranquility of nature it's great therapy, also being the co founder of our local support group giving support to others helps put things into perspective, which personally I find very helpful and rewarding. :-)


imagine winning the lottery is what i do but if i did i would keep it quiet, look after number 1 first, also i would book a flight to pattaya and enjoy the local community, its alot better then here lol


Sometimes the reason you keep thinking about things is because you haven't really resolved them in your mind. Either you don't understand them fully or you still think they are a threat to you. I suggest either writing them down and then reviewing your list and thinking about solutions to it. For example if you had a fear of not being able to breathe consider that you are now breathing perfectly well and have been for X months or that you manage breathing problems with an inhaler and because of your history you would now always make sure you get flu jab/ visit Gp early etc so you have an action plan for future. The other thing that may be helpful is to talk to someone either independent counselling or someonen who has been through the same thing ( you are doing this by posting questions here which should help). Best wishes and it will get better with time. Remember you are a very stong person to survive critical illness.


Thank you for your answer. I've found this site very helpful, I'm now much better than I was.

But it's the irrational nightmares that I had in ICU that are the problem, not the real danger of the cancer coming back. I know it is partly the morphine, because I was given morphine on another occasion and had similar nightmares then, and how can I logically guard against giant shrimps?


It was suggested to me that I choose a time when it is ok to think about my memories. And the rest of the time, I have to do something to get myself out of it. Not think, but do. Move, make, fix, build, share. I have severe mobility problems and neuropathic pain after my ITU stay so some of the 'doing' is tough but I think about what I CAN do, and make myself do that. I wasn't so great earlier this afternoon but now I have meringues in the oven - and I feel calmer. I've also come here now I feel stronger - talking to others, and helping wherever I can is a vital part of my recovery.


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