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Living on Trach

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What are the odds that someone would have to live on a trach once off of the vent. My dad’s lungs are pretty damaged from the Covid, plus he had pneumonia afterwards. One of the doctors said he may even have to live on it the rest of his life. We don’t know that for sure, but did anyone that had a trach, get told this as well? Wonder what the odds are that he’ll have to live on it? Of course him being here and alive is the most important thing, just curious. Thanks.

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Hi, we went through the same situation not that long ago. My mother got COVID and also pneumonia afterwards. There was a point we were told my Mother was going to be vent dependent. A few months later they were able to get her off vent but was still on hi Flo thru trach. We were then told she might have to live with trachy if she couldn’t tolerate being red capped during trials. It was a 9.5 month process and A LOT of advocating for my mother and pushing doctors to do trials on her (getting her off vent trial and then red cap trial). She is now home and doing great. Her lungs are pretty damaged as well and she continues to be connected to oxygen through nasal cannula. Don’t lose hope, sometimes our loved ones just need time. Easier said than done, I know, but also ask a lot of questions. Right now your father’s family are his greatest advocates. Stay strong!

Thanks for that! He’s doing quite well with his trach on the vent right now. They’re already starting to slowly wean him. They just wanted to go slow this time and that’s why they did the trach, to give his lungs a little more time to heal. Especially since he had picked up and still has hospital acquired pneumonia. I believe he’ll come off the vent just fine, we’re just letting lungs heal. It was just that the dr said he may have to have a trach the rest of his life, as far as being able to get secretions out, not vent dependent or anything, just a trach. But yesterday he was coughing so good already, I just don’t see that he’d have to always have a trach. But it’s good to know that no matter what they say, it’s not always that. I think maybe they tell you those things in case ya know. But so glad your mom is at home and doing well!!

Livinglifeachday I'm glad to hear about your experience. My mom has been on a trach since Dec. They tried to wean her off it twice while she was in the hospital, the last time they were about to move her to "wall oxygen" when she was moved into a Long Term Care/Rehab facility where they did not complete the trial. While she was in LTC they moved her back to Volume Assist (she was on CPAP through the trach) and stopped trying to wean her.

2 weeks ago we got a second opinion and had her doctor changed, the new doctor started on Tuesday this week and has already restarted moving Mom towards weaning. It gives me hope that the months where the facility was not moving forward with trials earlier do not necessarily mean that Mom will be stuck with the trach for the rest of her life.

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