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Hair Loss

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Hello I am new here. I was in the ICU in February and am still recovering. I have noticed a huge amount of hair loss. I was wondering or what to do about.

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Hello I came out last September and had hair loss. Not patches but it was constant I was covered in it and left a trail on the carpet 🙈 Husband constantly hoovering lol. I take hair skin and nail tablets and found a massive improvement. Its just standard hair loss now. My hair went so thin but it looks alot better now. I went to my hairdresser and he said it can happen after a trauma and its a good idea to take the tablets. I had a cut to sort out the ends which were dry. I have never had dry hair or skin. A nurse told me my skin could take a year to stop being dry after ICU even though I slather the cream on. Hope this helps good luck and best wishes x

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I had that too, don't worry it is only temporary and will resume in time.

The hair follicles need reawakening. Try a caffeine shampoo, or, a tea tree oil shampoo . When you apply it to your scalp, massage for one minute, leave it on for a further minute then rinse. Also massage your scalp a few times a day. And, take Biotin, B complex and B12 vitamins

I had this too. I was in ICU on life support for 7 weeks last year . I found my hair falling out dramatically 3 months after leaving icu. Very upsetting and I was often in tears over it until I was told it was normal after the body going through so much trauma. I had a blood test in December and my folate and zinc levels are low so now I'm on supplements ( higher dose to what you get over ther counter). Please try not to worry,

It’s most commonly a phenomena called telagon effluvium - for most of us it is temporary- in my case it took about 9 months to fully from back.

My wife thinks shes having an affair, as i had brown straight hair before ICU, came out and went nearly bald in 4 months then its grown back black and CURLY, work that one out?? you will be fine, think that its taking all the dead hair and look forward to the new growth

That made me really 😂

Hi too had massive hair loss try hair burst vitamins from boots my hair is now thicker than before try Lee Stafford products try not to worry I cried too good luck

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