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Slow brain activity


Hello son who is 40 went into cardio arrest on the 21st August 2020 ....he was in ICU on a ventilator and has to have kidney dialysis ....he is out of ICU and of the ventilator bit he has a trachea and feeding tube .....he was put on a normal Ward and on the 16th October sent to a rehab nursing school, but develope a infection and was taken back to hospital ....but he has to go back to the rehab center ....he can only open his eyes at the moment ....the doctor said he has slow brain activity .....I was able to visit him for 30 minutes last month .....I talk to him on the phone and he opens his eyes the nurses say .....I live in the USA but use to live in England ...... my son didn't have insurance so treatment without insurance isn't good hoping wants I get guardianship of my son that there is a possibility we can add him to our insurance as a dependent (military) ......I have to take axtiey medication three times a day to cope son has four young children and there are having a hard time not being able to see there dad .....this site brings me hope .... anyone ever had a love one with slow brain activity..... would love to hear from you...

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Welcome @bajan_sweetlove

I’m sure others will reply to your post, I’ve no experience of what you describe beyond the normal cognitive dysfunction associated with critical illness & recovery.

I hope you’re son gets over his infection quickly & starts to recover.

We in the U.K. are immensely fortunate with NHS, sometimes I wonder if each person leaving a U.K. hospital were issued with a receipt of cost accrued during hospital admission, then, many wouldn’t be so complacent about our NHS slowly being privatised .

Thank you ....he is over the infection and is going back to the rehab nursing home today...

Good news - I wish him a speedy rehab 😊


Hi bajan _sweetlove, I'm so sorry that your son & you are going through this right now. All I can say is that recovery from ICU can be such a rocky road, especially in the early days when there is so much waiting and uncertainty. Take one day at a time and look after yourself and those around you. I wish you well.

Thank you doing my best to be strong ....

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