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MRSA for 2 Years


Can anyone help me or give advise. i have mrsa which gets me skin infections in my eyes, nose and random places in my body. i get infections every month and everytime i get one i get antibiotics medication and this has been happening for 2 years now so that means im drinking antibiotics monthly now for 2 years also they gave me antibiotics for nose because they said the bacteria is hiding there. also they gave me a soap which has very strong effect on my skin. any one can help me get rid of this mrsa?

im worried i may pass this to my children.

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I didn’t have MRSA - I had MSSA & they used Clindamycin to treat me - from memory. I also had VRE, CMV which were lethal whilst I was in ICU & immune compromised. I became really ill from the side effects of the antivirals used to treat CMV. From my understanding, all of these things are rife in the general population but only become significant when the individual is run down. How best to avoid catching or passing on these infections is by good personal hygiene- hand washing especially- and avoid rubbing eyes, nose or mouth when be around infections.

I wonder if Octenisan would be an alternative to harsh soap. This is in no way advice because only your Doctor could safely advise. I just mention it was used on my OH in ICU as a preventative strategy against infection. It is often used for neonatal babies or pre op. It is very gentle. I use it on my face sometimes as it isn't drying or overly anything. Maybe ask your Doc. He might say absolutely not, I don't know.

thank you. i will ask the doctor about it

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