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My swine flu experience

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In November 2009 I had just barely turned 18 years old. Right after halloween I was very sick. Vomiting, shallow breathing, turns out swine flu so Dad checked me into the local hospital and immediately was put into a medical induced coma, 4 months later I get to wake up with a trach in my throat cant talk and spent nights dreaming of escaping the hospital to drink a bottle of water. Finally the virus was fought and about another month later after doing physical rehab I got to go home! Best feeling ever. So trust me I understand, and I truly sympathize with you.

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you just gave me much needed hope. my mum being in the induced coma for 7 weeks, and we are all getting worried. bless you

I was the USAF when the government made us all get that poison shot. Thankfully I was young, and then healthy. Now it would killme

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