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ICU recovery


Hi guys just after a little advice in the middle off March I was admitted to hospital I was very poorly with pneumonia Flu a and was diagnose With asthma becoz my oxygen levels were low the doctors decide to put me in to an induced come and I stay like that for 13 days when they woke me up I couldn’t remember anything of what had happened to me I couldn’t walk talk I felt weak and very emotional I still do now I was ment to see my consultant 6 weeks after being discharged still not seen her I have to reply of my hubby and family to help to do day to day things I just feel useless my hair been falling out they said they would sort some Physio out but nothing I just feel in a right mess I can’t think straight is this all normal please someone get back to me

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Please dont feel useless, you are supposed to be here or you wouldnt be. Your body has big healing to do and your motivation and inner strength will be what WILL get you through. Read about induced comas, time in ICU etc, it takes a toll but keep looking forward. This site will helpl you tremendously.

Keep researching and reaching out.


Hi Vicki

You can lose 40% muscle tone in the first ten days of a coma - is there not a more illustrative an example of the cliche “ if you don’t use it, you lose it.” The body, in trauma, converts the protein in muscle - it can do it quicker & easier than from fat deposits. It also makes a decision to send all essential nutrients and ‘services’ to main organs, hence it cuts off supplies to hair & nails. New follicles etc are not being formed or fed so that is why our hair can fall out - FOR A PERIOD OF TIME - it’s os temporary but very unsettling ( I agree).

Tiredness/ exhaustion - have a look at ICU Acquired Weakness - it is really important that you start a regime of physiotherapy - did your physio in hospital give you a list of exercises - things like sit to stand? I rigorously did mine and feel pretty close back to normal 2 yrs on. It takes 10-14 days to recover from everyday you are on ICU. My ordeal in ICU lasted 90 days. I was looking at a 900 day recuperation!!!! I was doing voluntary work within 3 months of discharge & now am fully back to work & have children & grandchildren.

Have a look at - lots of reaffirming literature & maybe a local support group(?). REMEMBER- everything you are going through is temporary - but you are the instigator of your recovery - no-one else can do it for you. Dig deep Vicki - best of luck and let us know how you get on.

Hi Vicki

I had pneumonia and Sepsis in January and was in an induced coma in icu for three weeks. I then spent two and a half weeks on a normal ward and 5 days in a local Cottage Hospital for rehabilitation. I had all the symptoms that you describe but am gradually getting back to normal. My hair has stopped falling out and the ridges in my nails have nearly disappeared. I am still on a walking stick but feel much better, it just takes time. I am trying to come to terms with the mental side of things, I am OK 95% of the time but then I get flash backs to my Dreams and Hallucinations while in icu and the realisation of how ill I had been. I have done a lot of research and am understanding now what happened to me . The other two replies are brilliant and I wish I had found this site in February when I first came home. I feel a bit better and a bit stronger everyday and hope that you will to.

Is there an ICU support group near you? I run one in West Yorkshire at Pinderfields Hospital, and there are others around the country. There is also a PALS in Wakefield which is exercise for people who have been ill- you have to be referred by your GP, but something like this would also help you. Ring the ICU you were on and ask if they have a support group. Things do get better, you are very early in your recovery.xx

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