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Sleep problems


Hi, my dad has just come out of hospital after being in for 3weeks, 10days in Icu with severe pneumonia. Whilst on the ward he experienced bad nights with hallucinations and not much sleep due to being too frightened. Hes now been home for 1 week and to me making good progress. However he's really struggling to sleep because of not being able to switch off and over thinking everything. I know this is common after his Icu experience but not sure how to help him, does he need support with this.

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Hi. I'm pleased your dad is making progress. As you say, sleep problems can be one of the side effects of ICU treatment. But it does get better. It took me about 3 months before I had a decent night's sleep after ICU, but I sleep just fine now. So reassurance is probably the best thing you can give, and maybe some books or talking books to while away the hours.

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