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Dad moved back in the ICU with new pneumonia infection, kidney failure, septic shock. Feeling helpless and defeated

My 50 year old dad was rushed to the emergency room on Jan 31 and diagnosed with double pneumonia and kidney failure. They moved him to the ICU and he was on full ventilation and a lot of sedatives. His kidneys also weren't working so they had him start dialysis 2 days after he was admitted into the ICU (he has a semi permanent catheter now). He was actually recovering quite well, and on Feb 13 they were able to switch him to just an oxygen mask.

On Feb 16 he was transferred out of the ICU into the Medicine Ward and no longer needed the oxygen mask. After they stopped the sedatives, he slowly woke up and was actually able to talk a bit while he had the oxygen mask on although it was very strained. But ever since he was moved out of the ICU, mom and I sensed that he wasn't doing as well. From Feb 16-Feb20, when we talked to him, he wasn't as responsive as when he first woke up in the ICU. He was awake, but it was almost as if he wasn't there. The doctors did a CT scan and confirmed there wasn't any damage to his brain.

Unfortunately, today they had to rush him back to the emergency room because his blood pressure dropped very suddenly while trying to do dialysis. His HR also was racing very fast and his hands felt cold. Mom and I were so scared, but luckily they were able to stabilize him. The doctors said it's a new infection in the lungs (although the results haven't returned if it's the same bacteria as the first time). Today, he's back in the ICU.

My mom and I are feeling very helpless and defeated. When he first got to the ICU, we were told his chances were 50/50 so we were so relieved when it seemed like he was recovering quickly, but now it seems like we are back to square one after 3 weeks. I guess I'm just looking for any advice on how to stay strong for my mom and dad, or if anyone has experienced anything similar. Thank you so much for reading.

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Is there an ICUsteps meeting near you?

I was 52 when I went into ICU with numerous infections & conditions. 2 & 1/2 days earlier I had been skiing.

I woke up two month later - having had the weirdest and unsettling dreams. It remained touch and go for another month in ICU. What saved me moving to the wards earlier, was that there were no isolation rooms. 20 days on general wards was hairy too - blood pressure plummeting, fevers & infections etc etc. I then went to rehab ward for 10 days. How my family survived the ordeal I don’t know.

Here is a link to an interesting article.



I to was admitted at 52yrs with septisemia . It's a very lonely fight, just encourage him to do do everything that's as


I to was admitted at 52yrs with septisemia. It's a very lonely fight. Just encourage your dad to do what's asked of him, and pray that antibiotics do their job, and dad gets well soon. You are in my prayers.


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