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Waking up from induced coma

How long does it take to wake up from induced coma after TBI and regain consciousness ?

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Hi Melissa, If you search on the forums you can find some information on this. It varies A LOT, but usually takes at least a few days. My husband has been in two comas, and the first time it took him a few days to Wake up, and the second time about the same, but lots longer to get back to "normal". Thinking of you, and please remember to look after yourself.

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My brother was in a coma for 8 days after an attack which caused tbi he opened his eyes on Day 9 , he cried the first couple of days then smiled , we are now 5 month down the line and he’s classed as minimally conscious getting intense physio etc , every case is different , has your loved one showed any signs of waking up my brothers heart rate would always shoot up to over 100 from 60/70 as soon as he heard my voice we also noticed movement behind his eye lids a few days prior to him opening them, praying for you



Has a downloadable pdf on brain injury & intensive care. I believe the founding member of ICUsteps found himself in ICU after a TBI. The section on the page is 3/4 down r/hand side.

Hope this helps


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