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MRI query

If a MRI comes back normal and shows no signs of brain damage can you still have Brain damage despite the results?

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Hmmm I think I would need specifics to answer... My husband has brain damage through a car crash and I have mild impairment due to a health condition where I have trouble with recollection and I get extremely forgetful but mine was due to toxins building up in my system and going to my brain but that damage wouldn't show up on an MRI scan but my husband's does


Friz, my dad is now awake and has been for a week. He seems on the ball sometimes but talking total gibberish at other times. For instance he thinks he has been in a knife fight. He thinks he has stood up but hasn’t etc. They are doing a brain scan. His speech wasn’t slurred when I spoke to him a few days ago but now is. I think he is on epilepsy drugs. How long does the confusion usually last, do you have any idea? He came out of ICU almost a week ago and still gets confused and distressed. If anyone can give any advice I’d be grateful. Thank you.


I couldn't speak at all for the first week to ten days so your dad doing so is great it takes a long time for the drugs in us to go after a coma so that will be why he is slurring. It takes months to get anywhere near normal after a coma so your both going to have to be patient x


Thank you. We are just worried about all the nonsense he keeps coming out with. Unfortunately they keep having to tie his arms down as he tried to pull his catheter and other tubes out. I understandvin the UK they don’t do this but I think he has had so many drugs already they don’t want to paralyse his hands. Hopefully he will improve. He has sores on his head and feet from being in ICU in a coma for over 5 weeks but at least he is alive and I spoke to him on the phone which is something I never thought I’d do again 7 weeks ago!

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No they don't tie your hands down here. My husband was in a rehabilitation unit for 18 months because he had to learn the basics again but 13 years later he has done 2 university degrees and is now doing a master's so life does return to normal it really does take a while . Glad you are taking all the little steps he making as a positive x


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