Fighting with ARDS

My dad was still at the hospital for almost 2months he's 48yrs old only and we're living in the Philippines his Pneumonia turned to ARDS with the infection of Klebsiella that his lungs got totally damged and injured hes having a ECMO for about 50 days, his ventilator for 55 days and his traechEostomy for almost 4weeks.

ECMO is his artificial lungs, im here to get some HELP and advice for those who suffered and Survived with ARDS. Were still on ICU still fighting for our dad. pls Help.

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  • I hope your father starts to improve. I suffered double pneumonia, septic shock, multiple organ failure and then Severe ARDS. I was intubated for 7weeks & on dialysis. Eventually I came through all and 8weeks on, was woken from coma. I remained on ICU for another 4 wks. I was 52, non-smoker. I don't know about medical matters to be able to advise you but wished to illustrate that people as sick as your father, do pull through. I have a little damage to my left lung. Your presence and voice will help him.

  • I had Sepsis and ards and went into 2 grade 3 Comas (the lowest on the GCS) I had a 1-2% survival rate. None of the medical staff thought I’d survive, my family were told I wouldn’t survive. Against all the odds I survived. Don’t ever give up hope. I hope your father recovers soon. x

  • After being taken into a hospital in China with severe acute pancreatitis, I developed SARS, ARDS, MOD and was kept in a drug induced coma with only my heart functioning well and problems with all other organs. My chances were very small but I came out after 4 weeks and with no lasting damage after a 4 to 5 months recovery. This happened 2 years ago and I feel better than ever. This is due to the excellent care and treatment in China and the support and help of my wife, children and grandchildren. I hope this helps you to not give up.

  • Have a look at those articles/videos here

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  • I too had pneumonia with ARDS. I was intubated and placed in a medically induced coma. I was not expected to survive. I was in ICU for 49 days. My left lung is permanently damaged and I have short term memory loss but I'm still here. I was a similar age to your dad and a non smoker.

    Do keep talking to him and never give up hope. There are a few of us on here who beat the odds.

    Wishing your dad the very best of luck in his fight.

  • My father had a stroke too 😔 I hope my father will recover too because many doctors told us that my father will not survive anymore but when my father is awake we can talk to him and sometimes he is responding to us by raising his head or eyebrows ... i know that there is a Miracle because it happened to all of you. Thank you. I hope you will pray for my dad

  • Hello Ang29. I had pancreatitis which manifested itself as ARDS 2.5 years ago. I was 63 at the time and was in an induced coma and on a vent for over 90 days. I was transferred from the ICU to a long term acute care center where they told my wife I probably would pass. They disconnected the vent to see what would happen and I sat up and started talking. A month later I went to inpatient rehab and they and me up and walking the next day. While my lungs are severely damaged and I am on O2 24 hours a day I am able to have a very active life (with some limitations) .

    My advice is don’t give up hope. My family stayed with me during the entire ordeal and prayed for me and I made it.

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