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Raising Funds for ICUsteps in Mumbles Triathlon, 7th October 2017


I am taking part in the Mumbles Triathlon on 7th October 2107 to raise funds for ICUsteps.

I went through ICU delirium in August 2007 after 10 days in an induced coma following a near fatal car crash.

As many of you will know yourselves my experiences were hideous as I came round, this resulted in a breakdown in November 2007, a month after leaving hospital. The ICU ward gave no indication this may happen and there was no in-house support. I fought my own way through my mental health issues and PTSD supported by family and friends, I felt VERY isolated.

I then learnt about ICUsteps and was amazed that my self-help was very close to what the organisation suggested but with the added bonuses of drop-in centres, connections with research programmes etc.

It took me nearly 5 years to work my way through - I then did my first triathlon to raise funds; I am at it again and would love it if you could donate to:


All funds go straight to ICUsteps and will help them move further.



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