Liver and kidney failure

My sister was admitted unresponsive. On the first day we found out her liver and kidneys we failing oxygen was low red blood platelets were low heart rate fast. She was admitted to icu and transfered to different hospital. Dialisis is an option because urine output is low but there is some function there. When she was trasferred they found pneumonia in both lungs. She swollen has gone down then back up again...doctors have no clue...anybody got any ideas?

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  • I got septic shock after contracting flu/double pneumonia. My kidneys, lungs & heart failed.

  • Was it only pneumonia? Or was there an underlying cause or disease?

  • I contracted Influenza A & Strep A on approx. a Wednesday by Saturday it was double pneumonia and Sunday I had sepsis and then shock. Multiple organ failure. They did find much much later, that I had chronic lymphatic leukaemia which the hospital believes was coincidental. Pneumonia is terribly dangerous in itself, for some.

  • As far as we know that is the only cause

  • There are multiple things happening from what I can see

    1) Pneumonia

    2) low red blood cells

    3) low blood pressure or hypotension, which could be caused by a septic shock or by the low red blood cells

    4) low blood pressure/hypotension can cause kidney failure

    5) If the kidneys are failing she will be swollen and most likely will need Dialysis, furthermore, swelling can also be caused by being immobile in bed in ICU

    As far as the kidney failure and the potential for Dialysis are concerned, have a look at the article/video here

    Why your critically ill loved one might need Dialysis(Kidney machine) or Haemofiltration for Kidney Failure(Renal Failure) and is having a Dialysis machine attached to them!

  • Thank u for the information. She has been on dialisis for 24 hrs and is showing improvement. Will she always have to do this now or if she recovers could her kidneys once again function?

  • Most Patients in Intensive Care (up to 90% according to research) who go on dialysis for kidney failure won't need it in the future if they survive ICU

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