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ICUsteps Congress

ICUsteps Congress

I'm pleased to say on behalf of my fellow ICUsteps trustees we had our inaugural Congress in Milton Keynes on Saturday 1st April 2017, giving us the opportunity to meet our local support groups from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland, who like everyone involved in ICUsteps are volunteers giving their own time to support patients & relatives who have suffered the trauma associated with an ICU admission.

A list of local support groups can be found on our website so if you would like to meet other patients & relatives with the support from healthcare professionals, that understand what you've been through because they've been through it to and can offer you a friendly face to chat to, offering support without judgement.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the congress for their continued support, but a very special thanks to Peter Gibb & Mo Peskett (pictured) the co founders of ICUsteps in 2005 as a local group in Milton Keynes since then it has grown with international interest in our work.

If you would like to become involved you can contact your local support group or contact us through the website, alternatively if you would like to donate and support the work we do you can also donate through the website.

I would finally like to thank everyone here in the community for the support you give to each other, together we can make life better for all of us.


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Hi thank you for your kind words Bill, I really hope that we can all work together out there to improve the care for patients and relatives who have experienced critical care. The more there are of us the bigger the voice the more we can do.

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