Hello everybody here at HealthUnlocked. How are you all doing? I am new here, however, I plan on participating as much as I can. My goal is to help whenever, and whereever I can possibly help. I want you to know that whatever you have been through, are going through, or will go through, God is with you throughout it all, and It does not matter how bad it may seem. IT COULD ALWAYS be worse. I LOVE LIFE because God sent his Son Jesus who Died for me, and I am truely blessed. I hope your stay here in HealthUnlocked is pleasant. I have a question. How do you post into ICuSteps? I know This is HealthUnlocked, but you know in ICuSteps where the patient's and Relatives have posted their stories at? If somebody wants to post there, is that even a possibility anymore? If so, how would I do this? Thank you so much, and GOD BLESS!!

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If you go to you will find the details of how to contact them, I'm not sure if you can still post your story, I posted mine on there over nearly 3 years ago and before the HealthUnlocked community started.


You posted on ICuSteps? What name did you post under?


Who are you? You sound as if you represent business or are doing research. These posts are about people who have suffered the trauma of intensive care along with their relatives. If you have survived being in Intensive Care then you are aware of the problems.


I am a patient. I have survivedd. I do know the feelings of the ICU, I am not here for business. Yes. I do know the problems of The ICu,and not only that, the POST-Hospitalization. I know that some people think that it all ends once you are out of the hospital and at home. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I KNOW FOR A FACT that this is a life long thing. Because you deal with it the nightmares, the feelings of the stuff you went through while in the hospital, the feelings that you got when you were intubated and on a ventilator. YOU NEVER really get over this stuff. I mean, some people in the hospital with all the sedation, and plus the effects of their ilness, sometimes they hallucinate and they think that the staff is attempting to hurt them, or are sufficating them, which is induced by the endotracheal tube. Often, they feel like they are in another world. Often the Intensive Care Unit staff AND family do not realize what an effect the ICU can have.

I MEAN, even the bed that the patient is on, especially if it is anair filled surface, can have an effect. Often this will induce a feeling that the person is out on sea on a hospital boat and that in conjunction with the sedatives, and the nurses and Drs. as well as other healthcare providers around the person and the voices will give patients feelings such as being held captive on a hospital boat unable to escape.


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Thank you Lacemaker for your very sound comments. This is not a ICU Steps controlled web site,altho the Logo appears. I do so hope people understand,words can be very damaging,and unhelpful in times of utter trauma.


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