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Looking to meet with ppl I went through n awful ordeal with my mother she is getting better but I am getting g worse with sleepless nights find it easier to talk to ppl who I don't know

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  • Hi, do you have an ICUsteps support group near you? You can find a list of groups at the groups are run by volunteer ex-patients & relatives with fantastic support from healthcare professionals, they offer a friendly face to talk to for both patients & relatives as they fully understand how traumatic experience it can be as they've been through it to, often when you've left ICU you will never meet anyone that's been in there or had a relative in there as you are distributed around the hospital and then sent home trying to make sense of what happened often with little or no support which was the reason ICUsteps was originally set up.


  • where abouts are you?

  • Manchester

  • Where in Manchester?

  • Where in Manchester i am in bolton

  • Middleton around 25 minutes away from bolton

  • Don't know we're middleton is i know the hospital i was transferred to stepping hill has a support group but to far for me to travel as don't drive and in a electric wheelchair if it had been my local hospital i would of gone but health wise i am not stable enough to set one up

  • im sorry im no where near you, do you have a contact at the hospital? I only ask because if there are no groups near you it may be worth setting one up as there are bound to be more people in the same boat, wanting to talk to others. The staff on intensive care may be able to help :) Im in the middle of doing this myself. im both a relative of an ITU patient and a critical care nurse.

  • i don,t know if you are her carer but i think it is important that you both get a counsillor if you can possibly do so. i pray for you both xxx

  • Where do you live? Anywhere near Hertford x

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