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Finally out of ICU

So dad was moved to a general ward last night after being in ICU for about two and a half months. That was a shock to his system. No more one-to-one nursing!!!!! He seemed happy though - seems cruel he is with three other people who can eat and drink and he is still nil by mouth and desperate for just a glass of water. His kidneys have stabilised and medically he is doing well - its just a long road ahead of physio to get stronger. They said they hoped he would be out by Christmas - can't believe only 5 days ago we were told he only had weeks to live.

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Hi such amazing news for all of you. Now there's some more hard work ahead. He will miss his one to one nursing and the physio will be hard and you'll need to help with that as there is rarely enough. I was so desperate to get home that I came home with two zimmers and emergency care package in place which didn't actua arrive until 3 months after my return home so most of the care fell on my family as I still couldn't walk. I understand your dads desire for water all I ever wanted was ice cold water can you use a sponge thing that the hospitals have to moisten lips to give him a very small taste. Again fantastic news such a change. Hugs x


So glad everything worked out. It'll be hard but a happy ending!

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Wonderful news and so happy for you, remember baby steps at first.


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