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Transferred back to local hospital

After 2 months in ICU in a London hospital - out of the blue yesterday they transferred my dad back to our local hospital - which is such a relief. The ICU is London was so high tech and amazing it's a bit strange to lose that support but obviously a good sign that they have moved him and will make visiting so much easier. He still has his trache and a lot of oxygen support but now they just need to build him back up as he has lost so much weight. He can't swallow and that is being investigated so they can get him back on normal food. Before transferring him yesterday they asked him about DNR should something happen in the ambulance. And last night the consultant asked if he was still happy for that to stay on his records. She said should his heart stop they very much doubt they could start it again and if they did he would end up intubated again but my thoughts are to try - however my dad said there was no way he wanted to go through this again. It was really hard listening to him say that - feel so bad for what he has been through :( On the plus side his heart is about the only healthy thing about him at the moment so hopefully it would never come to that anyway.

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Oh wow....what an awful conversation to have to hear?!

I remember joking with my mum and dad that if ever I was in a coma "don't you dare turn that f**king machine off or I'll come back and haunt you!".......Feb this year, I was in a coma!! And thank God they didn't turn that machine off. I had CPR the minute I hit the hospital and I thank God every day for the brave and wonderful NHS who saved my life.

Your Dad might be in a bit of a funk, especially if he has been so far away from home. Fingers crossed he will rally now he's closer to home. Moving from 1-2-1 care on ITU to a ward or even a room on a ward is more distressing for the family than it normally is for the patient if we were unconscious in ITU. After all, we don't have a clue what was going on. If your Dad has been conscious all this time, I can only imagine how hard and distressing this must be for him.

Be strong for your Dad, visit as often as you can, make sure he has lots of TV topped up on those extortionate cards, if not for him then for you to watch when you go in. I found listening to audio books on the telly a real joy, especially the comedians like Micky Flannigan and Jack Dee (wonder if they are still on there?). It really helps to laugh.

God bless

Debs xx


My thoughts are very much with you on this subject as when I was admitted to ICU 6 years ago next month with double pneumonia, severe sepsis & multiple organ failure, so critical I was not expected to survive, so on day 3 my wife, son & daughter-in-law were taken into a small room and told (not asked) that they didn't expect me to make the night & if I went into arrest they would not revive me, you can imagine their horror to be told that, having to contact relatives to come and say goodbye 4 days before Christmas, thankfully I survived the night the consultant telling my wife there had been a miracle and I was well enough for a CT scan & she also removed the DNR which was incredibly lucky as on 30th December 2010 I had respiratory arrest when a mucus plug the size of a golf ball blocked my airway causing 2 cardiac arrests & stopped breathing for about 10mins while the doctor fought to remove it, my wife was called to come & say goodbye as things were not looking good, again luck was with me as a nurse was giving me a shave when it happened telling my wife all the details when she arrived, I have no memory of almost 2/3 of my 3 months in ICU my wife told like yourself that I had a strong heart and was still fairly young (52) I'm so glad I survived to see my first grandchild born in 2013 and hopefully will see my daughter get married in 2018?

Here's hoping your dad make a good recovery and has many more years to enjoy a second chance of life, something so many of us are grateful for.


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