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Back to the ng tube

After 9 days with a breathing tube, 7 of those in an induced coma, my dad was finally able to get the tube out. 3 days later he was sent to a floor to continue recuperating. He's now in inpatient rehab for pt and ot. They did a swallowing test on him bc he coughs quite often, and found his esophagus isn't working properly due to the breathing tube, so they're putting the ng tube back in. Anyone else experience this? He says they told him a flap in his esophagus is the problem, causing him to aspirate. The only thing I can think of off hand is the epiglottis. He wasn't expected to live, and has jumped a thousand hurdles to get where he is, now we've gone backwards.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, it must feel a blow when he's come so far. I'm no expert on the items you've mentioned so I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help? It's only a small step backwards and I know you must be worried but please know the hard miles have been done xx

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