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My dad is 74 and was recently admitted to hospital after 4 days in a general ward it became apparent he was getting worse, they transferred him to icu sedated him and put him on a ventilator. They can not find the cause althoigh he has received treatment his white blood count is continuing to rise and his kidneys are starting to shut down. They took him off his sedation 2 days ago and although he is opening his eyes he is not responding any other way.

Has anyone had anything similar like this?

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  • Thank you

  • From limited info it sounds like infection, though I suggest it might not be; with renal shutdown it COULD be start of multi-organ failure. NOTE: could be. Things like ARDS start with lung function, then onto renal. Medics are often concerned with treating with steroids b/c of side effects, especially bleeding. I was in similar situation, intubated but conscious though sedated (I was so combative for a while, being out of my head, I was physically restrained and put into induced coma - very much a last step, but I was pulling the tubes out of mouth etc - which led me to hallucinating I was kidnapped - no wonder I had issues with PTSD - another story). I had pad and pen, so wrote "PREDNISONE" for the doctor, who was no less than a Professor of Medicine. Hell, I was CTD - circling the drain - and into ketosis, where the body starts to rely completely on fat reserves and blood ketones - that food in a bag is ignored by the body's metabolism. It worked, and after 3 weeks in ICU, plus another two in general ward, losing 76 lbs in the process. Thing is, the steroid treatment, which I only knew of b/c of my med-science study -I AM NOT A DOCTOR, ok, could have easily killed me. I didn't care. Professor R. would have though, and it would have been him infront of the M & M inquiry, then the coronial inquest. I would not be a doctor for anything. Either way, let your Dad know you are there. It may not look like he knows, but keep reassuring him he is safe.

  • Hi I have experienced something similar. My dad was 54, was fit and well and no signs of illness. Then he got what we thought was a chest infection, a few days later he was rushed to and e with suspected pneumonia. After a few days on a normal ward he was transferred to icu and out into an induced coma. He'd had x Rays and ultrasounds but once on the ventilator he was too ill to scan. His kidneys, liver and heart all started to fail. I know they tested for legionnaires disease, poisoning and many other things. They suspected severe infection. Anyway after 5 weeks in a coma (after a tracheostomy) Dad was able to be put onto a portable life support, and given a ct and Mri scan. It gave us answers after much guessing. Sadly Dad had cancer, they switched his life support off and he died a few hours later. I hope your dads news is much better and they find something like an infection they can treat. They will try to test for everything, make sure you ask lots of questions, it's a roller coaster and I really feel for you.

  • Still no closer to finding what's wrong with my dad day 12 still on ventilator and still sleep! Every test comes back clear. Consultant is starting all tests from scratch hope this gets us somewere! His white blood cells are going up 20% everyday.

  • Sorry I didn't see this message. I hope everything turned out okay xx

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