My partner has had a brain bleed she has been In icu 9 days off anaesthetic 4 days she is moving her head gripping my hand but she has not yet opend her eyes we are being told there is a pin head size damage to her brain stem that is the problem and I am told she may not wake up can any one tell me anything about this or any one woke from this and how long it took

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  • I am very sorry to hear what you and your partner are currently going through!

    Check out this FREE resource here as a starting point.

    How long does it take to wake up from a Traumatic brain injury or severe head injury?

    There are plenty of other FREE resources on this website.

    Wishing you and your Family all the best!

  • Hello!

    Ho is your partner status?

    I'm intensive care nurse and I can told you that anyone is different.

    I wish you all the best!

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