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My son age 15 hs a acute asthma attack on early hours of Sunday morning, his heart stopped twice and they say he is lucky to be here. Now 4 days late the is sedated slightly, asthma is calming down, but when the docs try and wake him up he is shivering. He has a ct scan which came back normal we are waiting on the resultts of a brain scan. The docs we're hoping by now that would be grabbing the tube and trying to pull it out. His arms and legs are not moving yet and from odd twitches in his arms. Can anyone help me to what to expect

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Everyone is very different to the way we react after coming off drugs. I wake from sedatives a lot earlier than most. I have actually woken twice inside the theatre room.

I wish you well.


Firstly my feelings go out to you and your family going through such a traumatic time and your son so young.

I was in ICU nearly 4 years ago with pneumonia, severe sepsis, & Multiple organ failure, on full life support for nearly 3 weeks, during that time I had respiratory arrest due to a mucus plug the size of a golf ball this caused my heart to stop twice for several minutes while they fought to remove it, I have no memory of it at all, the first thing I could remember was nearly 8 weeks after I was admitted to ICU, I've been left with a few problems my short term memory is not as good anymore and my brains processing speed is somewhat slower, apart from that I'm enjoying my second chance of life.


Sorry to hear about this and I can imagine how stressful this is for you. It took my husband 90 hours to 'wake' up. Know one can tell you exactly how long and even when he did come round there was no grabbing of tubes or gaging and it took another 3 days for him to stay awake for more than a few minutes. Just keep squeezing his hand and give yourself and himself time.

God bless


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